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About Us

Afodel.com is an online shipping comparison website focused on African consumers and businesses
trading with the world. The idea is for African consumers and businesses to be able to move goods to and fro Africa to the rest of the world.
Logistics can be a very difficult affair in developing countries thereby hindering businesses and individuals moving goods around.
Afodel would help to step up African shipping opportunities and take it to a whole new level thereby offering chances  to do the following;


- Have a wider reach and option to transport contractors that will help fulfil their deliveries
- Choose the cheapest and trustworthy company (Already verified by Afodel) and save hugely on the cost of shipping


- Transporters would have  a wider reach to customers and jobs posted by them and then choose jobs that can be easly executed by them for a customer
-Transporter can rely on us to help push jobs towards them to bid for
-Transporters with excellent and good reviews would benefit from their hardwork and reviews by attracting more customers


-Individuals would have the opportunity to review transporters based on merit
-Afodel can also act as a check on  transporter on behalf of customer in the case of dispute or vice versa. We have a dispute department that can help address

Why Afodel?

Afodel is not your average shipping marketplace website based on road transporters bidding for jobs to get goods to loac destinations, Afodel is meant for international logistics
moving goods from in, out and within Africa by Air, Sea, Road and Rail freight. Example of jobsposted on Afodel can be one of the following;

a. Looking to move a set of Machinery in 2 pallets from London to Nigeria with the following dimension 1200 X 100 X 180cm 800kg by sea freight to Nigeria
b. We would like to move a pallet of printers by air from Texas USA to Ghana
c. Looking to import a 20ft container of Agricultural produce from Kenya to Netherlands

Qualified transporters with expertise in moving such goods would then bid for these jobs , win the jobs and get it executed for the customer.