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Afodel matches you with transport providers and freight forwarders  to save you up to 75% off deliveries.


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  • Any size item
  • Save up to 75% off standard rates
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How does  AFODEL.COM  work?
Freight Agent will register on  AFODEL.COM  and go through strict verification process. Document upload will be verified by our security team, all freight agents  must go through this verification with no exceptions,  and at the introduction of  a new verification requirement by AFODEL , all  affected users will be subjected to it also.
A customer will just have to register and post a job and let Freight Agents quote for their jobs. Customers do not need to go through verifications to be able to post a job on our website.
Agent  Profile : It is adviced that freight agents  should  fill up a proper profile including images, then tick the option  to be added to the Freight Agent directory which displays at random on the front page. Having a strong well described profile would help boost agent's chance of winning jobs on Afodel.com. When describing profiles, agents should be specific on their areas of expertise and if possible give an idea of their starting price .

A freight agent is free to bid for jobs without any subscription,  bidding for a job is free for agents, but to accept the job if won, the agent  will need to be a  verified member.

Freight Agent  Payment: Afodel charges a 5% commission fee on jobs won by the agent,  The 5% commision fee will be paid by the customer during bid acceptance which also serves as a 5% deposit  deducted  from the  agent's total bid amount  and then pay the rest of the 95% with VAT or no VAT as applicable to freight agent.
It is important  we state here  that both customers and freight agents  should take absolute precaution to avoid fraud at this stage, this is where Afodel cannot excercise any authority but we can help settle disputes if any arises.

Customer payment: A customer looking for a job to be executed by a Freight Agent is free to use our platform at all times, no subcription fees will apply and customer can post as many jobs as possible provided they are genuine and different to each other. Jobs should not be replicated unless no bids is placed on the job by trasporters within  30 days.
A customer will pay a 5% commission + VAT on the total amount won on  a bid by an agent. This 5% commission / deposit  will make up part of the fee to be paid by the agent to Afodel thus making the balance to the agent after the job has been executed to be 95% with VAT or without VAT depending on Freight Agent's terms. ,

Note:Subscription , Commission and VAT rates are subject  to adjustments according to  government and market changes.