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House Hold Goods

Online Marketplace for Packers and Movers

Transporting household goods across countries is never easy, and when this needs to be done across two continents, things get even more difficult. The shipment worries are what hold back so many businesses from expanding their household supplies business and cater to an international audience. It’s especially detrimental to businesses based in developing countries in Africa that’re unable to grow their outreach.

Afodel’s online marketplace for packers and movers has made things much easier for businesses dealing with household goods. The global marketplace allows businesses to seek packers and movers who’ll readily transport their products to and from Africa without charging unreasonable rates. Businesses can now look for household goods transport services operating within and outside of Africa to cater to a larger audience. This gives them the option to cater to international clients as well, and make an impression in the global market.

The online marketplace is equally beneficial for movers and transporters. Once they’ve registered on the platform, they can then seek projects they deem fit and quote prices. So, what are you waiting for? Register at Afodel today!